Juul, Jesper: Your competent child

Autor: Juul, Jesper
Šifra: 141-20-1
Izdavač: Farrar, Straus amd Giroux, New York
Godina izdanja: 2000

Dimenzije: 14,00 x 21,00 cm.
Opseg: 260 stranica.
Uvez: meki, plastificirani.
Stanje knjige: kao nova.

Jezik: engleski.

Toward New Basic Values for the Family.

Preuzeto s korica:

In this important book, Jesper Juul argues that today's families are at an exciting crossroads. The destructive values - obedience, physical and emotional violence, and coformity - that governed traditional hierarchical families are being transformed.
Instead wecan choose to embrace a new set of values based on the assumption that families must be built not on authoritarian force or democratic tyranny but on dignity and reciprocity between parent and chilf. Children are competent to express their feelings from birth, and they are eager to cooperate. It is parents who must work to listen and to learn from their children. When our children's behavior makes us feel less than valuable, then it is almost always because we are. That is, prior to a conflict, we were  unable to convert our loving feelings into loving behaviour, our good intentions into fruitful interaction.
Juul is a renowned international authority on the family. Using examples from families in many different countries, he has written a book that challenges parents to see their years with children as an exciting time of growth and development for the whole family.

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Pogledajte sve od nakladnika: Farrar, Straus amd Giroux, New York
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