Početna Knjige Umjetnost film The Hamlyn History of The Movies

Davies, M. et al.: The Hamlyn History of The Movies

Autor: Davies, M. et al.
Šifra: 68-20-4
Izdavač: The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited, London
Godina izdanja: 1975

Dimenzije: 22,50 x 30,00 cm.
Opseg: 223 stranice.
Uvez: tvrdi, plastificirani; s plastificiranim zaštitnim ovitkom.
Stanje knjige: odlično.

Jezik: engleski.

200 crno-bijelih fotografija i 90 fotografija u boji.

Compiled by Mary Davies, Janice Anderson and Peter Arnold.

Preuzeto s ovitka:

This book looks at the eighty years of the industry, and pinpoints and landmarks in the history of film. The great film and stars are here in words and pictures: Kelly singing in the rain, King Kong plucking aircraft from the sky, Buster Keaton defying gravity, John Wayne slaughtering Indians, Gable and Leigh in Gone With Wind, Bogart, Edward G. and Cagney dodging the limousines and the bullets, Errol Flynn winning the war in Pacific.

But Hollywood is not the whole of the story. Sweden, Italy, France, India, Japan, Russia, Great Britianand other countries have had flourishing industries, and earn their place in the book. Directors are as important as stars, and the characteristics of their work are considered. Documentaries, animation, the underground, the avantgarde and censorship are other topics discussed.

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Pogledajte sve od nakladnika: The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited, London
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