The Dangerous Summer

Autor: Hemingway, Ernest
Šifra: 980-19-26
Izdavač: Simon & Schuster, New York
Godina izdanja: 1997

Dimenzije: 14,00 x  21,50 cm.
Opseg: 228 stranica.
Uvez: meki, plastificirani.
Stanje knjige: vrlo dobro.

A Touchstone Book.

Na engleskom jeziku.

O romanu:

The Dangerous Summer is Hemingway's firsthand chronicle of a brutal season of bullfights. In this vivid account, Hemingway captures the exhausting pace and pressure of the season, the camaraderie and pride of the matadors, and the mortal drama as in fight after fight the rival matadors try to outdo each other with ever more daring performances. At the same time Hemingway offers an often complex and deeply personal self-portrait that reveals much about one of the twentieth century's preeminent writers.

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