Second Honeymoon

Autor: Trollope, Joanna
Šifra: 1311-13-3
Izdavač: Bloomsbury Publishing, London
Godina izdanja: 2006

Dimenzije: 16,00 x 24,00 cm.
Opseg: 323 stranice. Prisutna posveta na predlistu.
Uvez: tvrdi, kartonski s plastificiranim zaštitnim ovitkom.

Na engleskom jeziku!

Ben is, at last, leaving home. At twenty-two, he's the youngest of the family. His mother, Edie, an actress, is distraught. His father, Russell, a theatrical agent, is rather hoping to get his wife back. His brother, Matthew, is struggling in a relationship in which he achieves and earns less than his girlfriend. And his sister, Rosa, is wrestling with debt and the end of a turbulent love affair. Meet the Boyd family and the empty nest, twenty-first-century style.

Pogledajte sve od autora: Trollope, Joanna
Pogledajte sve od nakladnika: Bloomsbury Publishing, London
Pogledajte sve iz područja: Književnost / Književnost na stranim jezicima / engleski

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