Početna Knjige Umjetnost glazba note Jazz Piano: The Left Hand

Jazz Piano: The Left Hand

Autor: Scivales, Riccardo
Šifra: 82-19-14
Izdavač: Alfred Publishing; Ekay Music
Godina izdanja: 2005

Dimenzije: 23,00 x 30,50 cm.
Opseg: 257 stranica.
Uvez: meki, plastificirani.
Stanje knjige: odlično; korice s tragom korištenja.

Knjiga je na engleskom jeziku.

O knjizi:

Covering a span of time and styles ranging from jazz beginnings to some of the most recent developments, this book collects and analyzes many of the most frequently used jazz, blues, and Latin jazz left-hand piano techniques. Generally, each proposed technique is first introduced by a "model" figure derived from original sources, followed by an explanation of its pattern, and finally by some sample applications using well-known songs, harmonic progressions, or original pieces. For the sake of completeness, most of these left-hand applications are integrated with sample right-hand parts that validate the efficacy and concrete application of the left hand figures.

Numerous styles of jazz piano are taught, including: stride piano, Latin stylings, blues, boogie, swing, walking bass, jazz waltz, rootless voicings and many other concepts. Characteristics of jazz legends including Erroll Garner, Jelly Roll Morton, Earl Hines, George Gershwin, Fats Waller, Eubie Blake and many others are explored. As with all books in this series, it includes a unique lay-flat binding to help keep the music open on the music stand.

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Pogledajte sve od nakladnika: Alfred Publishing; Ekay Music
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