Heinrich Zille

Autor: Zille, Heinrich
Šifra: 228-17-13
Izdavač: Dr. Selle-Eysler A., Berlin
Godina izdanja: 1929

Dimenzije: 18,50 x 24,00 cm.
Opseg: 112 stranica.
Uvez: meki poluuvez, karton/platno.
Stanje: dobro; knjiga je stručno popravljana.

Na naslovnoj stranici potpis Ive Vinskog.

O autoru:

Rudolf Heinrich Zille (1858 - 1929), njemački ilustrator i fotograf.

Sa stranice berlinskog muzeja moderne umjetnosti - Berlinische Galerie- Museum of Modern Art:

Heinrich Zille is known for drawings and graphic art works depicting the milieu of “ordinary people” in Berlin; they reveal a socially critical standpoint and the Berliner’s typical verbal wit. He was recognised as a photographer as well after the sensational discovery of original prints and glass plate negatives amongst his estate in 1966. As a trained lithographer, Zille worked from 1877 to 1907 at the “Photographische Gesellschaft”, a photographic reproduction company. There, he was able to use camera apparatus as well as the company’s laboratory for his own photographs; however, he never published them. In summer 1898 he took the photograph “Boys Performing Handstands on the Edge of a Sandy Slope”. The fourth boy from the left is Zille’s son Hans. Whether consciously or subconsciously, here Heinrich Zille the photographer anticipates the extreme worm’s-eye view of “Neues Sehen” (New Vision) during the twenties. Today his drawings with their drastic visual and linguistic features are regarded as classic big-city art, while his photographs represent rare documents of big-city life and provide remarkable evidence of early modernism.
In 1987, the Berlinische Galerie succeeded in securing the entire photographic estate of Heinrich Zille - circa 600 works consisting of old contact prints and original glass negatives. Following archive work and research into this Zille treasure, the complete collection was made available to the public in the publication “Heinrich Zille. Photograph der Moderne. Verzeichnis des photographischen Nachlasses” in 1995.

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