Početna Tehničke znanosti oružje / vojska Army: The U.S. Army Today

Halberstadt, Hans: Army: The U.S. Army Today

Autor: Halberstadt, Hans
Šifra: 402-14-32
Izdavač: Grange Books, Kent
Godina izdanja: 2003

Dimenzije: 23,50 x 31,50 cm.
Opseg: 192 stranice.
Uvez: tvrdi, plastificirani karton, s plastificiranim zaštitnim ovitkom.
Stanje knjige: odlično.

Na engleskom jeziku!

S fotografijama u boji.

S ovitka:
The U.S. Army is a massive institution, too big to understand from the outside and too big to cover comprehensively in one book. It is the most awesome war machine that has ever existed on earth, with weaponry so advanced that it seems to have come straight from a sci-fi movie. The size of its manpower pool-over a million including the reserve-and budget-over $80 billion-make it bigger, better equipped and better trained than other armies.
It needs to be. As two world wars and numerous other actions this century have proved, the world is a dangerous place where you have to be strong to survive-and the strength of an army is not just measured by the size of its arsenal but by the character and resolve of its troops. The Army itself knows that and identifies in its mission statement that soldiers-not equipment-are its most important asset and that it must inspire its soldiers to have the strength, the confidence, and the will to fight and win anywhere, anytime.
Hans Halberstadt knows that it is the men that make the machine-he has been photographing them for many years.

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