Početna Knjige Alternativa / samopomoć An Astrology Guide to your Sex Life

An Astrology Guide to your Sex Life

Autor: Robson, Vivian
Šifra: 226-19-3
Izdavač: Arco Publishing Company, New York
Godina izdanja: 1972

Dimenzije: 10,50 x 18,00 cm.
Opseg: 141 stranica.
Uvez: meki, plastificirani.
Stanje knjige: vrlo dobro.

How the Stars Affect your Happiness, Love Life, and Marriage.

Knjiga je na engleskom jeziku.

Iz predgovora:
This book examines the wide field of Astrology and its relation to the sex life of the individual man and woman. The Astrological student and lay-reader, seeking guidance in overcoming sexual problems and searching for a satisfactory partner with whom to enter the bonds of marriage will find this book invaluable. A new light is thrown on the complexities of sexual life and the work is illustrated by seven horoscope charts including those of such historical characters as Oscar Wilde, Tchaikovsky, the Marquis de Sade and so on.

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