Početna Knjige Humanističke znanosti povijest svjetska A social and cultural history of Britain 1688-1981.

Wild-Bićanić, S.; Crawford, I.: A social and cultural history of Britain 1688-1981.

Autor: Wild-Bićanić, S.; Crawford, I.
Šifra: 862-20-14
Izdavač: SNL, Zagreb
Godina izdanja: 1982

Dimenzije: 16,50 x 24,00 cm.
Opseg: 254 stranice.
Uvez: meki, plastificirani.
Stanje knjige: s tragom korištenja; na predlistu prisutan potpis precrtan korektorom u traci.

Jezik: engleski.

Autori: Sonia Wild-Bićanić, Iain Crawford.

In the belief that culture is not only the artistic and intellectual creation of a people but rather all the products of its work and thought, transmitted through generations, we have been led to take a historical approach - not only to describe Britain today, but to try and give an idea of the threads from the past that are still discernible in the present.
Having answered the question "History?" with "Yes", we still had to answer the question "If history, then how much?" There are many ways in which the history of more remote periods than the starting date we chose is still a presence in contemporary Britain - the Norman Conquest, for example, or the Reformation and the coming of Protestantism. We opted for the later date of 1688 not because it was the only obvious one, but because it seems generally agreed by historians that it marks the origin of many of the institutions of contemporary Britain.
This book is designed for students of English language and literature who are not native speakers and many of whom have never been to England and know little of her history. It falls into three roughly equal parts: the first two provide a background that should help both the student of literature and the general reader to understand the historical development of British society since 1688; the final section deals with contemporary Britain. Our aim here has been to make it possible for students visiting Britain to read the newspapers with understanding and to follow everyday conversations with intelligence. We hope that the book will provide a basis both for this and for an appreciation of the products of human work and thought characteristic of the communities which go to make up Britain.

Pogledajte sve od autora: Wild-Bićanić, S.; Crawford, I.
Pogledajte sve od nakladnika: SNL, Zagreb
Pogledajte sve iz područja: Humanističke znanosti / povijest / svjetska

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