Početna Knjige Umjetnost film A Pictorial History of Crime Films

Cameron, Ian: A Pictorial History of Crime Films

Autor: Cameron, Ian
Šifra: 68-20-3
Izdavač: The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited, London
Godina izdanja: 1975

Dimenzije: 23,00 x 30,50 cm.
Opseg: 221 stranica.
Uvez: tvrdi, plastificirani; s plastificiranim zaštitnim ovitkom.
Stanje knjige: odlično.

Jezik: engleski.

Oko 350 crno-bijelih i fotografija u boji.

Preuzeto s ovitka:

In this suvery of crime films, the author explains their particluar significance and relates them to the public consciousnessof crime at the times they were made. He draws parallels between the real-life racketeers of the Prohibition and the gangsters played in the films. He discusses such things as the role of the cop and the private eye; the innovent caught up in the web of the Syndicate; the tough detective and the sophisticated Thin Man; Hitchcock's tehnique of suspense; the increasing use of overt violence.

The sinster faces and styles, both past and present are here: Edward G. Robinson's nasal sneer, Bogart's sibilant menance, Widmark's snicker, Cagney's punchy cockiness, Mitchum's droopy-eyed brooding - all in a setting of molls, limousines, razors, machine guns, shadowy Bosses Upstairs and unfortunate Men Who Knew Too Much.

Pogledajte sve od autora: Cameron, Ian
Pogledajte sve od nakladnika: The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited, London
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